Sensual Massage That Delivers

Honolulu Sensual Massage Therapy That Connects The Body To The Spirit Within!

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Aloha from beautiful Kapolei, my name is Claudia and I see sensual massage therapy as a nurturing art form. To keep sensual massage as a 'first class act' is a challenge, but it can be done! 


Many people use the word "sensual" in a sexual context and though this meaning may often apply, much is lost when we limit our understanding to that of hot sexual heat.  In fact, true sensuality has less to do with that which is carnal, erotic or 'of the flesh, ' than it does with connection and integration, spiritual depth and intelligent insight. Though sensual passion can be fierce, it is not destructive, nor is it crude, nasty or full of itself.  Real sensuality is tender, thoughtful, clean and often unaware of it's own power.  Sensual perspective is the energetic force that motivates the artist, who often identifies such traits in his/her Muse. 


Through touch, sensual massage translates unspoken value from one human being to another.  When interpreted correctly, the body allows itself to unbind and reintegrate with the soul. Sleep is experienced more deeply and connection with others achieved more sweetly.


Don't stay locked up in a tight body, open the door and let your spirit breathe! Be liberated through Sensual Touch! Enjoy a sensual massage and surge with new levels of energy!  

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